Creating a strong community

Empowered franchises who can collaborate effectively, work together to share their know-how and experience, solve challenges, share best practices and create independent environments.

Why social collaboration?

An enterprise social collaboration service is a win-win for you and your franchisees.

Scale your business by making Nuaj a part of your operations.  Reap the benefits of social-network working for you and your franchisees to promote collaboration and help your franchisees thrive.   Overcome your increasing support requirement to give you the ability to spend resources where it matters most. 

Everything Social

Along with you, your franchisees can interact freely on forums, bulletin boards and groups they belong to.  They can post questions or comment on what others have posted.  Follow specific interests, vote on posts or questions.  Be notified by email on any activities they want to follow.

Secure Intranet Cloud Portal

Access your secure collaboration space using your browser from wherever you are.

Role-based Membership

Nuaj service allows you to control how information flows to your franchisees.  Every user member is assigned a role and membership that defines their activities and access permission to content and groups.

Document Management

Securely share documents with a group or individuals without clogging your email while maintaining access control.

Mobile Support

No special mobile applications needed, everyone will be up and running in no time without any complexity.   Information is automatically formatted for mobile and tablet devices to allow your members to keep collaborating on-the-go.

Group Calendar

Have a common calendar for activities and events or any other group calendars that your members can subscribe to, allowing them to follow progress on tasks and milestones.

Groups and Destination

Create virtually unlimited number of groups to organize discussion and collaboration topics while controlling membership.


Posts on forums, vote, share documents and use project calendar to promote collaboration amongst your members.

Ask any Questions

Have your members ask any questions to the group and manage the answers. 

Vote on Anything

Asks peoples opinion by voting on proposed answers, topics, discussions or questions you post.  Votes are automatically managed and updated in real-time.


Personalize your dashboard to see important information flow at a glance; including most popular discussion, collaborating members, etc.

* Results of industry survey conducted with organizations about the benefits of social collaboration in their businesses.  Actual results may vary.