Whether in or out of the office, our NuajCore allows your teams to collaborate and communicate effectively, through optimized solutions for iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, web, mobile web, Mac and PC.


Keep your data secure and under your control in your own Nuaj private cloud.  Have the control you want while helping your team to remain productive.  Support full message encryption.

Advanced Features

Share contacts, calendars and files on-the-go.  Join a conference call with your team simply by a one button click from any device.

Reliable and simple to use

NuajCore replaces existing solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, no capital investment needed and no on-going management required.  Ready to use.

All-in-one groupware and unified communication service for the modern Enterprise.


Enterprise grade email service, share folders and mailbox among users.

Shared Calendars

Create an unlimited number of calendars and share them securely among users.

Shared Contacts

Share your contacts with people on your team.

Note and Tasks

Have your notes and tasks updated in real-time on all your devices.

Instant Message

Instantly interact with a co-worker or a group and share documents at the same time.  The service even provides real-time status information for your co-workers.

Voice Calls

Change an IM chat session to a live audio conference with a single click.

Record Voice Sessions

Record a voice conference by a simple click of a button.

White Board

Engage in an instant white boarding session with a group.

File Sharing

Share specific directory and files with your co-workers and clients.

HTML 5 portal

HTML 5 portal for PC and mobile devices for real-time interaction.

Support for Mac Applications

Seamless integration with Mac: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Messages and Remote Folders (WebDAV).

Support Microsoft Outlook

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Mobile Support

Integrated Mobile Device Management: remote devive lock, remote device unlock and remote device wipe.  Seamless mobile support through the support of ActiveSync.  Native mobile application for iOS and Android for voice interaction.

Now able to support organizations with more than 10,000 users