A collaboration service that everyone will want to use that will drive your business.

Drive your business by facilitating engagement with your teams and clients. Share discussions, thoughts, opinions, likes, documents, comments, status, and tasks. Harness social-network like features to promote free flow and organized collaboration at any time of day and location in the security of your own private cloud with the simple to use NuajSpace service.

Everything Social

Create your activity stream by posting your status and progress, add your likes and comments to any document or interaction, add your vote to a question.  Stay up-to-moment informed of projects by following its activity stream.

Secure Intranet Cloud Portal

Access your secure space using your browser from anywhere on the planet.

Role-based Membership

Control what users see and do by assigning role and memberships that defines their activities and access permission to spaces and content.

Document Management

Share documents with a group or individuals without clogging your email while maintaining access control.

Mobile Support

NuajSpace is also automatically formatted for mobile devices to allow teams to keep collaborating on-the-go.  Subscribe to your NuajSpace news feed.

Project Calendar

Have a common project calendar that your team can subscribe to, allowing them to follow progress on tasks and milestones. 

Spaces and Destinations

Create virtually unlimited number of spaces to add wiki's, forum, documents, FAQs and calendars.


Use wiki's, forums, voting, sharing of documents and project calendar to promote collaboration amongst your team.

Ask any Questions

Ask specific questions to the group and manage the ansewers.

Vote on Anything

Asks peoples opinion by voting on proposed answers.  Votes are automatically managed and updated in real-time.

Real-time Chat

Conduct real-time chat with specific individuals or with groups.  Real-time chats drive collaborative engagement.


Personalized dashboard to see important project status.