15% Productivity*

38% Job satisaction

The company wide benefits of Social Collaboration are based on the two fundamental aspects of the organization: (1) Its operation efficiency, and (2) Its business growth.  The viral effect of the social apporach bolstures engagement with your teams and customers with profound ROI impacts.  

Corporate communications and alignment are one of the most impacted areas of the organization, leading to better strategic alignment amongst team members.  

13%  Sales per rep

22%  Deal cycle time

28%  Time to develop new collateral

NuajSpace provides a platform that allows each and every employee to connect, collaborate and create”

The inherant structure of sales organizations provide even more business benefits.  The time to close a deal is dramatically improved by ensuring that stakeholders are closely collaborating in the different stages of the deal and following progress in realtime while avoiding confusing email chains.

  9%  Customer service cost

Allowing customers to participate and collaborate closely with your organization creates exceptional opportunities that drives powerful engagements and strong competitive advantages.  Customer facing engagements lead to greater customer satisfaction and lower support costs. 

* Results of industry survey conducted with orgnizations about the benefits of social collaboration in their businesses.  Actual improvement may vary.